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Local 503 and 2003 - Richmond Distribution Centre (RDC) Calling In – Sick Leave - BCGEU

As per the FYI sent out on March 5, 2020, the Union had concerns about the Employer's previous policy which indicated you must call in every day of absence. On May 5, 2020, the Employer released a revised memorandum in respect to call-in policies for all leave requests at the worksite.

In this memorandum, the Employer has advised all members that if you know the duration of your absence, you should advise the supervisor of the anticipated date of your return when you call in.

1.7 Employee to Inform Employer
The employee shall inform the Employer as soon as possible of their inability to report to work because of illness or injury. The employee shall inform the Employer of the date of return to duty, in advance of that date, in order that relief scheduled for that employee can be notified.

The second sentence deals with the member's return to duty, and it clearly indicates that an employee is required to inform the Employer of the date of one's return "in advance of that date". As such, it is not required to call in every day of absence unless you had initially advised your supervisor you would return that day but now require additional leave.

If the Employer is requesting you call in every day, you should inform the Union that they have required you to do so right away.

If you believe that there has been a violation of the collective agreement, please consult with your shop steward.

In Solidarity,

Brittney Buss, Local 503 Staff Representative
Hilary Andow, Local 2003 Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here