Local 802 Bargaining Conference Election Results - BCGEU


I am pleased to advise you of the outcome of the March 23, 2018 meeting. The nominations closed at the meeting for the 2 additional Area 02 CBA delegates to attend the Bargaining Conference. Nominations were received leading up to the meeting as well as at the meeting where the nominations call was closed. The Election process at the meeting determined your 2 additional CBA Bargaining Conference Delegates.

Please join us in congratulating the following Bargaining Conference Delegates:

Delegates to CBA Bargaining Conference

                 Marietta Bippes and Michelle Whyte 

Alternate Delegates 

                Joe Sippel and Annette Fielden

Congratulations to all of you!

In Solidarity 

Charmaine Fines, Local 802 Chairperson
Doreen Smith, Area 02 Staff Representative 

Download 802 Bargaining Committee Delegates CBA FYI.pdf