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Local 803 Community Health Workers at FHA - Not enough time to complete care plan - BCGEU

Rushing can lead to accidents and errors.

If a CHW finds that there is not sufficient time to safely complete a care plan please take the following steps. Email your LPN Supervisor and inform them that there is not enough time allotted to safely complete the care plan. Confirm that the LPN Supervisor will send a dated note to the Case Manager. Keep a record for your reference.

This needs to be done each time you experience this. Making one report is unlikely to result in a change to the allotted time. 

If the allotted time is not increased following two requests to the LPN Supervisor – this should be brought to the attention of a Union Occupational Health and Safety Representative.

If the client is taken away from you or this is dealt with as a 'refuse' this should be reported to a Shop Steward for further action. 

If you require are unsure of your worksite OHS Representatives or Shop Stewards please call the BCGEU at 604-215-1499 for assistance.


In solidarity

Nicki Pearson
Staff Representative


Download PDF of notice here