Local 803 Executive Officers - BCGEU

I am very pleased to announce that Denise Herbert has been acclaimed to the Local 803 Executive Committee as member at large in the Sunshine Coast.

The following are your Local 803 Executive Officers:

  • Masoud Aminzavvar, Local Chairperson
  • Florentina Kelly, First Vice Chairperson
  • Roxanne Martel, Second Vice Chairperson
  • Seyran Enveri, Treasurer
  • Richard Consalvi, Recording Secretary
  • Myrna Regan, Member at Large
  • Paz Mazaredo, Member at Large
  • Ruby (Satvir) Bhandal, Member at Large
  • Clark Fabros, Member at Large
  • Donna Jones, Member at Large (Squamish)
  • Denise Herbert, Member at Large (Sunshine Coast)
  • Kathleen Muire, Youth Member at Large

In solidarity
Andrea Mears
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.