Local 803 FYI Lookout Housing and Health Society - Difference in Shift Lengths for New Postings - BCGEU

Several BCGEU members at Lookout have brought forward concerns around the different shift lengths being posted by the Employer, with some shifts being posted at 36.25, 37.50, or 40.00 hours per week. We understand that this is causing some disruption and inequity amongst workers, in particular regarding the differences in gross pay and the accumulation of seniority. The longer 40 hour work week means that some workers are gaining seniority faster than others.

The collective agreement states that:

14.2 Hours of Work

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this article, the average hours of work for each regular full-time employee covered by this agreement, exclusive of meal times, shall be 37½ hours per week or an equivalent mutually agreed to by the Employer and the Union.

(b) Employees with average hours of work greater than 37½ hours per week shall move to the hours in (a) above on April 1, 1999 without loss of regular pay.

(c) Where the full-time hours of work for any classification at the time of ratification of this agreement average less than 37½, the full-time hours of work shall be maintained, except where the Employer and the Union otherwise agree.


(h) New extended hours, modified or flextime schedules may only be implemented through mutual agreement between the Employer and Union. Such agreement shall be in writing and will include details of the agreed schedule.

The Union does not currently have a written agreement with the Employer allowing for the change and discrepancy in hours. We have a grievance contesting the different shift lengths, and are in discussions with the Employer on how to resolve these issues. We will keep members apprised of the results of these discussions going forward, and are aware of your concerns.

In solidarity,

Sean Antrim
Staff Representative

Download FYI 803 Lookout re Hours of Work Grievance.pdf