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Local Issues Bargaining Committee Nomination Results for Atira Women’s Resource Society - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

Local Issues Bargaining Committee nominations for Atira Women's Resource Society (AWRS) closed on Wednesday, January 17th, 2024.

Summary of nomination results:

The local issues bargaining committee has Seven Positions, allocated by area and type of work:

Area 03 non-childcare - Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond (4)

  •  Four spots, five nominations received – ELECTION REQUIRED
  1. Carla Medel, Full-time Sorella, 8-hour program
  2. Emma Hardy, Full-time Imouto, 12-hour program
  3. Grace Soligo, Relief Sue Bujold, 12-hour program
  4. Kate Parker, Relief Vancouver
  5. Joy Ukpabi Nwabueze, Relief Burnaby

Area 04 non-childcare -Surrey (2)

  • Two spots, two nominations received – ACCLAIMED

Shirley Ram, Full-time Little's Place, 8-hour program

Tanya Stevens, Full-time Shimai, 8-hour program



  • One spot, two nominations received – ELECTION REQUIRED

Nina DiPalma, Alex Early Care & Learning Centre

Pawandeep Brar, Maxxine Wright Early Care & Learning Centre


Election information

  • Elections will take place via email and will open next week.
  • Members will only be able to vote for the category they belong to:
  • Only childcare workers can vote for the childcare committee member.
  • Only area 03 non-childcare members will be able to vote for the area 03non-childcare committee members.
  • If you wish to withdraw your nomination please let us know before Monday, January 22nd at 12 pm.


Your Local Issues Bargaining Committee will negotiate your Local Issues Agreement for AWRS

The Community Social Services Bargaining Association – Collective Agreement that AWRS is now a part of, covers many organizations across the sector. To accommodate the specific needs of particular organizations there are "Local Issues Agreements" that are negotiated for each specific employer – see Memorandum of Agreement #1 in the collective agreement.

The Local Issues Agreement covers issues that are specific to each employer such as:

  • article14.2 (Hours of Work) definition of programme/worksite,
          -specifically for Atira Women's Resource Society this will include negotiations of the 12-hour shifts and these shifts will be paid etc. going forward,
  • article26.2 (Paydays),
  • article30.3 (Casual Call-in Procedure),
  • client vacations and out of town assignments, special project employees,
  • and any other issues agreed to by the Union and CSSEA.


In solidarity,

Sarah St John
Staff Representative


Download PDF of notice here