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May is child care month- thank you for all that you do! - BCGEU

May is child care month- an opportunity to honour the many professionals that work in early learning and child development.
As an early childhood educator and activist, I've worked with many of you to advocate, agitate and fight for a child care system that works for everyone- for families, for children and for workers. And we have made some real progress with new supports and solutions.

The last couple of months have been extremely difficult for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on something that we know is true- that child care is necessary for so many livelihoods.

I want to thank and acknowledge the hard work and dedication that many of you are doing for families of essential workers right now. I know it isn't easy for you or your families.

I also want to thank and acknowledge those of you who may not be working right now. I know that the uncertain times are difficult and we all appreciate the patience and understanding that you are bringing.

Moving forward, your union will work with you to leverage the lessons of this pandemic and push our government to move further and faster on building a public affordable, accessible and quality child care system for all families.

And always, at the heart of that system must be a supported, valued and appropriately paid child care worker.

I have hope for the future of a child care system that works for all families and that values you as the professionals that you are. A better day is coming soon, and we'll be there together. 

Thank you for all that you do today, and every day.

In solidarity,

Andrea Duncan,
Vice President,
Community Social Services

PS.  The provincial government has a number of programs to support ECEs, families and child care providers. You can find a full list of government programs here.  
PPS. Please ensure that you are checking the BCGEU website and, in particular, the COVID-19 hub and the CSS-specific microsite for information directly related to workers in the CSS sector. If you have questions directly related to occupational health and safety, contact your OHS representative or steward, or email [email protected]. If you have other general COVID-related questions, email [email protected].