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Mediation and Strike Preparation Update #2 -BCFMA - BCGEU

The parties met again in bargaining on July 29 with the assistance of mediator Grant McArthur. Our discussions continued to focus on monetary matters; specifically, what your Employer is willing and able to do to address your demand for fair wages and benefits. The parties have scheduled another mediated bargaining session for Friday, August 7, 2020 during which the BCFMA intends to formally table a complete settlement proposal containing previously agreed non-monetary items and detailed monetary proposals.

Your bargaining committee will carefully consider the settlement proposal to determine whether to bring it back to the bargaining unit as a tentative agreement for a ratification vote. We will assess the likelihood of a strike bringing better outcomes than pursuing a negotiated settlement and will proceed accordingly. In the end, it will fall to the membership to accept or reject a tentative agreement, regardless of what your committee may recommend. 

The strike coordinating committee (SCC) has met twice and meets again today. The SCC continue to advance its work in the following broad areas of planning:

  • Picket structure, schedule and hours, including whether to gradually escalate strike actions or effect a full work stoppage right off the top
  • Identifying picket captains
  • Picketing legally
  • Picketing safely
  • Equipment, supplies and systems
  • Communications and campaigns
  • Strike pay administration

Further to yesterday's bulletin regarding strike pay, the SCC will have more to say as it continues preparing to implement your mandate.

In solidarity,
Steve Kitcher, Bargaining Committee Chair
Debra Calder, Bargaining Committee Member
Brenda McIntyre, Bargaining Committee Member
Ryan Stewart, Staff Representative, Negotiations

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