Member to Member Campaign

Dear Local 501 Members:

Each year, Local 501 gathers information from you through brief store visits by local activists. The primary purpose of this “Member to Member Campaign” is to gain insights into your labour relations concerns.

1.    Follow-up on our M-to-M Campaign in October 2015.
2.    All twenty of our Local 501 worksites were visited.
3.    Workload, scheduling, employment status, favouritism, 2-ID, compensation, bullying, union representation, morale, hours of opening, merit, and facility problems were raised.
4.    Reports from each site were submitted to the Component 5 Executive.
5.    Our Local 501 Executive discussed the issues and ways to respond.
6.    On Auxiliary Recall scheduling, we forwarded a proposal for annual re-training of all schedulers (an idea now referred to the Component 5 Education Committee).
7.    Local 501 continues to lobby for job security improvements, including Regular Status conversions, and expanded services.
8.    We are recruiting new Union Stewards, including second Stewards at some worksites.

Going forward, Local 501 requests your continued involvement:

  • Comments.
  • Suggestions.
  • Observations.
  • Bargaining proposals.
  • Resolutions to conventions.
  • Attendance at our events.

BCGEU Local 501 is an organization of 360 BCGEU members, so our one-to-one exchanges during the worksite visits are limited in scope. Ideally, we would like to hear all of your views.

Thank you for keeping Local 501 strong!

In solidarity

Robbie Clark, Local 501 Chairperson
Shannon Dudley, Treasurer

Download PDF of notice here.