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Welcome New Stewards

We would like to welcome Terry Wang (Table Games), Madalina Nedelcu (Cage) and Millier Wang as new stewards. Gathaiya Njoora will be serving as a steward for the Food and Beverage workers only. We thank you for stepping up to make the Union strong at Grand Villa.

Being a steward offers many opportunities for training and professional development. It can make your work much more interesting and give you transferable skills that you can use to advocate for yourself and others – at work and in your community. The next time nominations go up for Stewards – consider getting nominated. 

Food and Beverage Issues

A meeting with the Employer has been requested to discuss 1) non-union workers doing bargaining union work 2) the distribution of overtime and 3) shifts being added after shift pick. Our goal is to make the Employer aware of these problems and if there are violations of the Collective Agreement then grievances will be filed. 

Labour Management News

The Labour Management Meeting was held on August 14th and again on September 11th. 

Health Benefit Eligibility – Remember there are now two different levels of health benefits (full benefits if you have 30 hours on average - or - a Health Spending Account if you have 24-30 hours on average). If your benefits are cut off and you believe the Employer was wrong to do so, take these steps. First, talk directly to the Human Resources Department and explain why they are wrong. If this does not fix it – ask a Steward to attend a grievance meeting with you. 

Hot Weather Issues – this has been discussed with the Employer at the last three meetings with the Employer. It has been made clear that workers want more hot weather options for their uniforms. The Employer agreed to put a request in Headquarters for a t-shirt option for next summer. We have discussed things like fans for certain work areas. In 2020, we will raise this again with the Employer well in advance of the hot weather season. 

Cage Shift Pick - Cage members made it clear that they wanted their new schedule rolled out and the Employer has agreed to roll it out by the end of September. Cage members made it clear they were prepared to file a grievance if their new shift pick was not honored. 

Overtime on a Stat Holiday – The Union was successful at arbitration with a grievance at another Gateway Casino. The grievance relates to working overtime on a statutory holiday. The Union argued that 'each of the premiums is triggered independently from each other'. We successfully argued that if you work overtime on a statutory holiday you are entitled to both premiums. Be aware that the Employer's payroll system is not currently set up to pay you properly if you work overtime on a stat. If this occurs, you will need to inform your Manager and possibly submit a payroll discrepancy. The overtime must be ON the statutory holiday specifically. That means that you work in excess of your scheduled hours – or – the stat falls on your Designated Day of Rest and you are called in to work. 

Staffing Levels – At the August meeting, there was discussion of low staffing levels in Food and Beverage. At the September meeting, the Employer has confirmed that additional Slot Attendants will be hired due to the addition of new machine. The Union requested that the Employer consider the impact on the Drop Team and Security and that additional employees may be required. 

Games Entertainer – there is a new Classification in the Table Games Department called Games Entertainer. The Step 1 starting wage for the Classification is $18.00/hour and it will be increased by 2% each year until the end of the current agreement. The Employer has issued a directive to the Tip Committee that the Games Entertainers are to be included in the tip pool. 

Breakroom Improvements – Kevin from Security will be taking the lead on proposing improvements to the breakroom. If you have any suggestions – or – if you would like to work with him on this project please let him know. 

In solidarity

Fateh Born, Staff Representative


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