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Members at River Rock Casino Resort - Know Your Representational Rights - BCGEU

Your Union has become aware that members may be attending meetings with the Employer without a shop steward present. The Employer should advise members upfront of their right to bring a steward to a scheduled meeting.

Members are strongly encouraged to exercise their right to have their steward present at any discussion with management which the member believes might be the basis of disciplinary action. This does not apply to operational meetings, that is, where management seeks only to assign work, to give instruction, and/or to carry out routine tasks that are part of the ordinary daily relationship between employees and management.

If an employee believes that a meeting with a manager may be disciplinary in nature, they should make a request for a steward to attend.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your worksite shop steward.

In solidarity,


Brittney Buss
Staff Representative


Download PDF of notice here