Members at River Rock Casino Resort Table Games Schedule and Vacation Selection - BCGEU

It is the Union's position that the way the Employer is doing the schedule and vacation selection process for Table Games includes many violations of the Collective Agreement.

The Union has tried to work with the Employer on these issues since September, but without luck.

A union grievance was filed on behalf of all members today, but all members have the right to file an individual grievance to dispute the Employer's actions.

Stewards from Table Games have forms that members can use to initiate individual grievances at Step 1. Note that a grievance must be initiated within four days of when an employee made their shift and vacation pick. If meeting this deadline is a concern, members may email their manager directly, and copy a Steward. The message could say: "This is notice that I intend to grieve my schedule and vacation selection in Table Games."

The Employer will then schedule a Step 1 informal grievance meeting with you for some time in the following two weeks. You have a right, and we encourage you, to have a Steward with you for this meeting.

Members should be aware that the grievance process takes time, but rest assured the Union is working to protect your interests and rights. The Union will be providing more information in days to come.


In solidarity,


Ryan Stewart

Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here