Members at St. Elizabeth - Transfer to the Health Authority - BCGEU

As the transfer of your employment to the Health Authority is coming, we recommend that no less than 30 days before your scheduled transfer date, that you review and confirm the following information is correct:

  • Years of service/date of hire – this is used for vacation calculation
  • Sick leave entitlement (being transferred with you to the Health Authority)
  • Seniority Hours (Available on the monthly seniority list)
  • Vacation bank (Being paid out)

If any of the above are not what you think they should be, please try to fix it with your employer. If it cannot be fixed, please check with a steward. Note: the calculations provided will be current and will change slightly over the next couple of months before your transfer. Casual employees may wish to review the most current posted seniority list for accuracy.

We recommend that you print or screenshot your last paystub before you transfer and if you are moving in the next several months, make sure that Saint Elizabeth has your updated address. 

Vacation Pay
Vacation pay in the Collective Agreement is earned like this:

  • Starting every year on July 1st until June 30th of the following year, all your vacation pay is banked so you can take paid vacation in the following year
  • You are now earning vacation pay from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 for your 2020 vacation
  • If you have any vacation pay left in your "Vacation Curr Yr" bank right now, this is for your 2019 vacation
  • The vacation pay in your "Vacation Next Yr" bank is for your 2020 vacation

What does this mean:
When you transfer, Saint Elizabeth will pay out any vacation monies you have been earning into your 2020 vacation bank. This means you will need to keep aside the vacation pay you receive from Saint Elizabeth to cover some of your vacation time for 2020. The rest of your 2020 vacation pay will be earned with the Health Authority.

Scheduler 2's
For those members who are currently Scheduler 2's and will be moving into Scheduler 1 positions after the transition, you will be red-circled. What does this mean to you?

  • You will continue to receive General Wage increases
  • You will not be entitled to receive low-wage redress until the Scheduler 1 wage rate has caught up to your current wage rate

In solidarity 

Nicki Pearson, staff representative

Download PDF of notice here