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Members at Sunshine Valley Child Care Society -  Ratification & Retroactive Payment  - BCGEU

The members at Sunshine Valley Child Care Society voted 100% in favour of the proposed settlement on February 26, 2020.


The settlement includes retroactive payment of wages back to April 1, 2019. All members with certificates will see your wage increase on this cheque and the retro payment will follow on March 19, 2020.


On April 1, 2020, all wages, except casuals, will increase again by the 2% achieved in bargaining as well as another $1/hour for all members with their ECE, because of the Government's Wage Enhancement Program.


On behalf of all the members, I would like to thank Sara Stevenson for again accepting the role of the Bargaining Committee Chairperson, and doing a fantastic job.


In solidarity


Your Bargaining Committee:


Sara Stevenson, Bargaining Committee Chair

Sarah Maglio, Staff Representative


Download PDF of notice here