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Members at Technical Safety BC (BC Safety Authority) - Nominations for 2 Bargaining Committee Members - BCGEU

Nominations are now closed for the Bargaining committee member positions at Technical Safety BC. We will now be holding an election for this position.

Balloting packages are being mailed to all members for whom the Union has current mailing addresses.

If the nominee has written a biography, it is attached to this bulletin.The nominees are:

Jack Kennedy

Ann Mclean

Florin Moldovan

Lorraine Robinson

Mario Vucinovic

Steve Fisher

Tony Barta

Instructions for ballots:

(1)      Please select and clearly mark with an X your choice for the bargaining committee member on that ballot. If more than one candidate is selected, it will be considered a spoiled ballot.

(2)      Please place the ballot in the coin (small brown) envelope.

(3)      Then place the coin envelope in the white declaration envelope. You must fill in all required information on the declaration envelope and make sure you sign it, or it will be considered a spoiled ballot. Place the declaration envelope in the self-addressed, postage paid envelope and promptly mail it.

(4)      Due to potential rotating postal strikes impacting the mail system, please return your ballots as soon as possible. The actual vote count may be delayed if the mail system delays receipt of the ballots at BCGEU headquarters.

Ballots must be received at the BCGEU Headquarters by 5:00 pm, Friday, November 16, 2018.

If you don’t receive a mailed ballot, please stop by your BCGEU area office to vote or contact Penina Tran at 604 291 9611 to arrange for another ballot to be mailed.

In solidarity


Download PDF of notice here
Download PDF of instructions for ballots here

Download PDF of Jack Kennedy's biography here

Download PDF of Ann Mclean's biography here

Download PDF of Florin Moldovan's biography here

Download PDF of Lorraine Robinson's biography here

Download PDF of Mario Vucinovic's biography here

Download PDF of Steve Fisher's biography here

Download PDF of Tony Barta's biography here