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Members at Valleyhaven Retirement Community Ltd. - Bargaining Committee Results - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

Nominations have now closed for bargaining committee at Valleyhaven Retirement Community Ltd. and we are pleased to announce the following members have been acclaimed and will represent you in the upcoming round of negotiations:

  • Bargaining Committee Chair            Pamela Conroy
  • Bargaining Committee Member       Jaclyn Smith
  • Bargaining Committee Member       Patti Ozeroff
  • Bargaining Committee Member      (alternate) Raquel Laggui

Your committee will be meeting soon to review issues and develop proposals prior to meeting with the employer.
Thank you to those who have submitted bargaining surveys, the committee will be using the information provided in these surveys to develop proposals and guide them during the bargaining process.
We will keep you updated throughout the bargaining process. Bulletins will be sent by email to those members who have registered their emails with the union and will be posted at your worksite and on the union's website.
To ensure you receive copies of all bargaining updates in a timely manner, we recommend that you update your existing contact information by going to the BCGEU website at or by notifying your bargaining committee.
Congratulations to Patti, Pamela and Jaclyn, and thank you to all who took part in this process.
In solidarity
Nicki Pearson,
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here