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Reminder to all BCGEU members that we will be engaging in job action TOMORROW, Saturday September 18, 2021.

This means that no members will accept or work overtime, except in cases of emergency. This includes any overtime you were already scheduled to work.

If you are directed to work overtime because it is an emergency, report this direction to the bargaining committee immediately and the reason for the emergency.

Because we have an agreement with your employer on essential services, CONTRACT EMPLOYEES ARE NOT PERMITTED TO DO BARGAINING UNIT WORK. Only managers are permitted to do your work.

If you see or hear of contract workers doing bargaining unit work, report this to the bargaining committee immediately.

Please reach out to a member of the bargaining committee, or Sheila Matthen, Staff Rep if you have any questions. Sheila can be reached at [email protected] any time, or 604-291-9611 during regular BCGEU business hours, Monday to Friday.

This notice was sent via email. If you did not receive it, log into the Member's Portal to update your contact information. It will be especially important to receive emails from your Union as we engage in job action.

In solidarity,

Tony Jillings – Bargaining Committee Chair
Roseanne Parsons – Bargaining Committee Member
Bonny Swanson – Bargaining Committee Member
Sheila Matthen – Staff Representative, Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here