Members Employed at CBI We Care - Bargaining Update - BCGEU

Your collective agreement expired on August 23, 2019 and some of you have been asking us about what's happening with bargaining. This bulletin is to answer that question. 

Your collective agreement remains in full force and effect even past the expiry date. When you decided to become represented by the BCGEU several years ago, we made sure to add language to provide for this.

The BCGEU represents all members of the bargaining unit, almost all of which have now received letters from Fraser Health offering you employment there effective November 27, 2019. We don't know who will be left until after the offer letter process finishes. 

We don't want to elect a committee of members who are leaving that will be bargaining entitlements for members who are staying. Those members leaving CBI wouldn't be living with what they bargained after November 27 which isn't fair to those staying. This idea is consistent with the Labour Board's case law that says that an employee must have a sufficient continuing interest in the unit to have a say in decisions that affect the bargaining unit. 

As the offer letter process comes closer to being completed, we will be reviewing to determine the most appropriate time to start the bargaining committee elections and next steps for negotiations.

In solidarity,

Brent Camilleri
Coordinator - Negotiations


Download PDF of notice here