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Electronic Membership Application Instructions for Members

Did you receive the Membership application from a Steward?

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  1. You will receive an email from BCGEU Card Services via DocuSign titled “Please DocuSign: BCGEU Membership Application" at the email address you gave to your steward or area office.

  2. Open the email and click on “REVIEW DOCUMENT”.
    screenshot image of Step 2

  3. This opens a web browser window. Click “I agree to use electronic records and signatures.” and “CONTINUE”.
    screenshot image of Step 3


  1. Click on the link to the BCGEU membership application. This will launch a webpage that looks like this:
    screenshot image of step 1

  2. Enter your name and email then click “BEGIN SIGNING”.
  3. You will be directed to the form. Click “CONTINUE” to begin filling out the fields.
    screenshot image of step 3

  4. Type in your data in all the fields. Mandatory fields are outlined in red. Pleasure ensure you put the name of your steward if you know it and indicate if you have received your union orientation or not. Click “Sign” towards the bottom of the application form.
    screenshot image of step 4

  5. Draw your signature and click “ADOPT AND SIGN.  A drawn signature is a requirement of the Labour Relations Board. 
    screenshot image of step 5

  6. Remember to click “FINISH” at either the top right or bottom center of the webpage to complete your membership application after you have finished signing. The completed form will then automatically be submitted to the BCGEU’s membership records department for processing and a copy emailed to you for your records.
    screenshot image of step 6