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Message to Health Services members for administrative services week - BCGEU

We never could have imagined celebrating administrative services day in this fashion. But, here we are.

Normally, your union's local chairs and executive would be out and about this week - visiting worksites around B.C. to celebrate the important work you all do. But, in the name of safety and everyone's well-being, we're postponing celebrations until it's safe to visit. Please know you are appreciated and we are thinking about you this week. 

These are difficult times. I'd like to thank all BCGEU members in component 4 (health services). Whether you are working in an independent senior care facilities in reception, timekeeping, scheduling; or at LifeLabs as a scheduler or at a health authority care facility, we recognize that you are providing essential services to the most vulnerable citizens of our province, while pushing through your fears and worries. B.C. couldn't function without your dedication and service to others. Situations such as this underscore just how important you are. 

Once again, you've proven administrative services workers are the foundation of workplaces and the glue that holds everything together. Celebrate who you are and all you do - how you always go above and beyond the call of duty.

The recognition you receive this week is well-earned. 

Please visit the page for health and safety information about your component and email if you have any questions. Your union is always here to help.