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Nanaimo Seniors Village and Comox Valley Seniors Village benefit plan change

Please be advised that we were alerted to an issue in regards to one of Retirement Concepts benefit plans – specifically Class S. Recently a change was negotiated to the evidence based drug plan into one of the Collective Agreements but unfortunately the benefit provider was directed by the Employer to change Class S, which affects more than the employees at the one location it was meant to.

Sunlife has alerted the Employer that the letters had already started going out to staff (in this case, limited to Comox Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) RN’s and all Nanaimo Seniors Village BCGEU staff) to notify them of the change just before the long weekend. We expect employee questions and concerns to come forward soon.

Therefore we would like to advise you that NO CHANGES have been, or will be, made to the benefit plans outside of the bargaining process – this was an error and we understand from your Employer that it has been corrected as soon as they became aware. I understand that leadership at the sites will be posting communicating to this effect. I would like to ensure you that we have in writing from your Employer that this was an error and they offer us their sincere apologies for the error made.

If coverage is or has been denied please resubmit the receipts to the insurance carrier again to gain coverage. If any further issues arise we suggest that you advise your employer so that the correction can be made with their assistance as soon as possible. Please note that you are entitled to seek the assistance of a steward at Step 2 if any further issues arise so that the appropriate correction is made. We do not anticipate any ongoing concern but want to be proactive in advising you of the information that we received.

In solidarity

Doreen Smith
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.