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New language regarding missed breaks for component 1 - BCGEU

Your component executive would like to draw your attention to new language that became effective on April 1, 2019 regarding missed breaks.

If you are performing tasks or duties that require you to work through breaks you are entitled to ETO/CTO at straight time rates. You should be confirming the Employer's direction to work through your breaks prior to your shift or at the time you become aware you will work through a rest period. This may be a standing directive from the Employer for tasks or duties that regularly result in a missed rest period.

If your worksite or management team has not made adjustments based on this language we encourage you or a steward to bring this to their attention. In the absence of implementing this language you are encouraged to use the grievance procedure to resolve the matter.

Article 14.4 (b)
An employee unable to take their rest period because the Employer directs them for operational reasons to work through their rest period shall be credited with the missed rest period at straight-time rates in the form of ETO/CTO if the Employer prevented them from taking the rest period by the end of that workday.

If you have any questions about the new language please contact your shop steward who will be able help answer your questions.

In solidarity

Dean Purdy


Download C1 - new language.pdf