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Forests, Lands & Natural Resources New Stewards Acclaimed - BCGEU

We have the results from our recent call for steward nominations at Forests, Lands & Natural Resources locations.

I am pleased to announce that Louise Bett, Nichole Bowen and Marie Picard have been acclaimed as new stewards at FLNRO worksites. Please join me in wishing them well in their new role.

Your worksites are now represented by the following stewards:

Debbie Jones, Pamela Larose (Local 1209) &

Louise Bett (Local 2009) – 845 Columbia Avenue, Castlegar


Nichole Bowen, Gwen Teichroeb (Local 1209) &

Colleen Ross (Local 2009) – 208 Hughes Road, Castlegar


Marie Picard (Local 2009) – 1907 Ridgewood Road, Nelson

Kathleen Comstock (Local 1209) – 333 Victoria Street, Nelson


Robert Bosse, Samuel Miles, Daniel Klein &

Holly Hagerman (Local 2009) – 2501 Udell Road, Castlegar


James Ritco (Local 2009) – 5980 2nd Street, Grand Forks


Please feel free to reach out to one of the names listed above, should you have any union questions or concerns.

In solidarity

Sarah Maglio
Staff Representative

Download FYIStewResultsYRBBirchbankSept2019.pdf