New wage rates – Is yours correct? EF International Language Schools - BCGEU

Your new collective agreement will see an end to different rates of pay in favour of a new blended, single hourly rate. Pursuant to Clause 26.3 Starting Teacher Rates, the hourly rate level for Teachers will be according to their qualifications and experience. The new hourly rates, for existing non-salaried Teachers, are listed in Appendix A.

You can refer to both Clause 26.3 and Appendix A in the settlement summary attached here: Settlement Summary 

If you are a Non-salaried Teacher, please check the new hourly rate assigned to your name in Appendix A. If you think this amount is incorrect in any way, please contact Please remember this is a new blended rate, incorporating your previous teaching, administrative and prep time rates into one single rate.

Information concerning the payment of your retroactive money will be forwarded as soon as we hear back from the Employer.


In solidarity

Linsay Buss, Staff Representative 


Download Settlement Summary as pdf

Download PDF of notice here.