Northern Health Authority Community Subsector Employees- Vacation for Regular Part-Time Employees - BCGEU

An arbitrator has just ordered your Employer, Northern Health Authority, to change its policy relating to vacation for Regular Part-Time Employees, in order to comply with the Health Services and Support – Community Subsector Collective Agreement.

The Employer had a policy that if you were a Regular Part-Time Employee and you worked casual or temporary hours above your regular FTE, you would earn vacation pay on those hours, but not vacation time.

The Union filed policy grievances and successfully took them to arbitration. The arbitrator agreed with the Union that NHA was in breach of the collective agreement by not allowing Regular Part-Time Employees to accrue vacation time on all straight-time hours they worked.

The arbitrator ordered NHA to change their policy, and to pay $100 to Regular Part-Time Employees for every vacation day they requested and were denied under the policy, from October, 2018, until the policy changes.

If you have any questions, please talk to your steward.

In solidarity,

Emily Luther
Staff Representative (Advocacy)

Download PDF of notice here