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Northern Lights College - Support - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

Election results – Alternate support Bargaining Committee member

I am writing to advise that Robyn Mallia has been elected as your alternate bargaining committee member. Please join me in congratulating Robyn on her election. I would also like to thank all the candidates who allowed their names to stand for this election.
I would also like to publicly thank Tennille Penner, your now former bargaining committee chair, for her dedication and activism. It is with mixed feelings that I announce she has stepped down to take a position with the BCGEU. Please join me in wishing her every success.
Your bargaining committee is:
Jamie Bond
Juanita Fraser
Robyn Mallia
Paola Rodriguez
Your bargaining committee will now begin the work of preparing for negotiating the renewal of your collective agreement.
As I imagine most of you are aware, a Support Staff Multi-Employer Table (MET) was agreed-to in June of this year. Your employer is a signatory to that agreement. As a result, bargaining for the renewal of your collective agreement will take place in steps: first, at the MET followed by local bargaining which will be specific to your employer and local.
The MET will discuss:
a) Wage increase
b) Flexibility Allocation (if applicable)
c) Job Evaluation, including process and path toward a common salary scale
d) Term
e) Sick Leave
f) Definitions
g) Preamble (purpose, future legislation, conflict with policies, singular/plural)
h) Joint committee on benefits
Local bargaining can't start until the MET bargaining has concluded - with or without a tentative settlement. The local table will also not be able to discuss any of the above items unless the negotiators at the MET refer an item to a local table, in writing. Any subject not identified above can be discussed at the local table.
As you are all also likely aware, your employer is subject to the government mandate. The mandate is an effective cut in pay after inflation. The BCGEU has been clear that wage increases must incorporate cost of living adjustments (COLA). To attain that goal, BCGEU members in the public service commenced job action on August 15th. I encourage you to write to your MLA expressing your support for COLA and your brothers, sisters, and friends on the picket line who are leading the way. The link that will take you to your MLA can be found here:
Until those issues are resolved, it is unlikely that we will engage in talks at the local table. But that is not to say that we are simply sitting around. Your bargaining committee has already started the preliminary work of identifying your members, key priorities and will continue to do so as we develop our proposals. Member input will be sought, and we will continue to provide updates as necessary. The goal is to be ready to go as soon as we are able.
In solidarity,
Zoe Towle, Spokesperson, BCGEU Staff Rep Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here