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OHS Worker Representatives: Your Role In Return-To-Work Worksite Plans - BCGEU

Dear OHS Worker Representative 


I am writing to personally thank you for the work you have done as a BCGEU OHS Worker Representative for your worksite during this exceptional period. 

Since the beginning of this pandemic, OHS Worker Representatives and committees have been called upon like never before. Many of you have been involved in working through your committee and employer to develop Exposure Control Plans (ECPs), risk assessments, and ensuring the workplace is safe. You are doing this during a time when a "safe" workplace is rapidly being redefined in the context of Covid-19.

Along with the Shop Stewards, you have often been the face of our union at your worksite during this pandemic. You are truly a frontline worker, providing critical support and advocacy for your colleagues to ensure the worksite is safe, that there are adequate controls, and personal protective equipment in place. You have shown that you are a true leader in your workplace.

With all this in mind, we will be looking to many of you and your leadership as the province heads into phase 2 of its Covid-19 response, which will see some sectors begin to re-open. As you likely know, this is expected to start next week. It means on many worksites the return to work plans, and how they will be operationalized to make the worksite safe, will be referred to you and/or your committee for input. It may mean developing an ECP and conducting a risk assessment, including mapping out the worksite.

Your union will continue to be here to support you through this time. We have OHS Staff Representatives that are assigned to each sector to assist you and we are going to be making short interim training sessions available by video conference.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email those directly to [email protected].

Thank you again for being the workplace leader on OHS issue during this important time in our history.

In solidarity

Stephanie Smith

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