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Our new collective agreement is now in effect! - BCGEU

The results of the ratification vote are in, and you have voted 87.4% in favour of accepting the tentative agreement with LifeLabs!

This means that our new collective agreement is now in effect. We should be getting the retroactive wage increases right away and our signing bonus will be paid out within 30 days.

Aside from increased wages and a bonus, we are also now entitled to all of the other improvements to our collective agreement, unless the language specifically says otherwise. If you have any questions, be sure to talk to your steward to help you interpret specific clauses of the agreement.

We want to thank all of you who made it to the information sessions. We were happy to have the opportunity to go through the changes to our agreement with you and take your questions. 

A huge thank you to the couriers at BRL that were picketed off the job on October 23 and walked that picket line as we returned to the table and reached the settlement. You played such an important role in achieving this deal.

This has been a monumental experience for all of us on your bargaining committee. We have been continuously inspired and amazed with your ever-growing support and solidarity. What a powerful feeling it was to sit across the table from our employer with the strength of all 1550 of you behind us. This bargaining victory belongs to all of us.

This is not the end. We still have work to do. Imagine what we could do in the next round of bargaining if we united all LifeLabs workers in BC. So, let’s get started right away. Talk to the people you know at the non-union sites (outside of work hours) and tell them about what we accomplished together. Get them to contact the BCGEU to join us and build strength for the next round of bargaining.

We have been so proud to serve as your bargaining committee. It was truly an honour to represent you at the table and we thank you for your unwavering trust and support.

In solidarity,

01   Mandy DeFields, Bargaining Committee Chairperson  [email protected] 
02    Kristie Carano, Bargaining Committee Member         [email protected]
03    Maryam Baghalha, Bargaining Committee Member   [email protected]
04    Rosario Viray, Bargaining Committee Member          [email protected] 
05, 09 & 11  Wendy Cummer, Bargaining Committee Member  [email protected] 
Linsay Buss, Staff Representative - Negotiations               [email protected]