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Our union has filed a lawsuit against Vancity - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

In the last round of bargaining, you won a jointly trusteed defined benefit plan. But, after our union worked diligently with your employer to develop your plan, Vancity unilaterally broke its commitment.

We attempted to resolve this matter through labour arbitration, but Vancity argued that this is not a matter of labour law.

After months of getting nowhere with Vancity, our union filed a lawsuit against your employer to force them to stick to their promise of a jointly-trusteed defined benefit pension plan. We did so in the name of protecting you and your colleagues’ ability to retire with dignity.  

We know what they did is wrong, and we are not giving up. We are taking this fight to civil court.
Vancity’s proposed pension plan removes the critical protection of our union as a sponsor and trustee-appointing body, something that was fundamental to the deal negotiated in collective bargaining, and crucial to delivering on a stable and secure defined benefit plan for retiring Vancity employees.
Jointly trusteed pension plans offer more and safer benefits to workers compared to solely trusteed plans.

Your employer agreed to act in good faith to make this plan a reality, but they have not. Vancity repeatedly stalled the process, missed deadlines, then went back on it's earlier promise and unilaterally announced it was going to run the pension plan alone, without any workers voices. As a credit union that prides itself on being a valued-based institution, this action on the part of Vancity management is hypocritical and shameful.
You demanded a better pension, won the right in bargaining, and ratified your agreement in early 2020 based, in large part, on this plan. Our union has repeatedly demanded that Vancity immediately reverse their decision, but they have not.
We said we were prepared to utilize all the tools at our union’s disposal to fight this, and we meant it.
The court now has the power to stop what Vancity did and give you the pension you won in bargaining. With this lawsuit, we intend to ensure you get the jointly trusteed plan you deserve. We also want to make sure that Vancity and other employers think twice before trying to renege on promises to workers.
Our union will keep up the fight. 
Read the full details of the lawsuit here.

Please share this email and the details of the lawsuit with your coworkers who are not receiving our emails. 


Dave MacDonald
VP Component 17 General Services