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Pandemic pay delay - BCGEU

Since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic in March your union has been working hard to navigate the complex and ever-shifting landscape this crisis presents in order to protect members' livelihoods and help ensure your safety at work.

Pandemic pay has been a key focus of that work, and the BCGEU pushed hard to expand our province's pandemic pay program to cover the broadest possible range of essential workers. As a result, B.C.'s program is significantly more inclusive than those in other provinces. (See who is included in the pandemic pay program.) However, we are disappointed to learn that the delivery of this pay has again been delayed.

We know thousands of members are depending on receiving this pay and we are concerned about the negative effect another delay may have on members and their families who are counting on this money to pay the bills. We also know that pandemic pay is more than just money, it is recognition of the incredibly important and hard work you have done to help our province through this public health crisis. 

Although all unions in B.C. applied pressure related to the parameters of the program, it's important that members know that all decisions regarding pandemic pay and who receives the premium were made entirely by the provincial government. Pandemic pay was not negotiated as part of your collective agreement and there are no signed, bargained MOUs related to the program. As such, your union's role is to continue applying pressure to push government to fulfill their promise as fairly and quickly as possible. We will continue to do that and to push the provincial government to provide a definite date on which eligible workers will receive their pandemic pay. 

We will also keep fighting to expand the program further to cover all essential front-line workers.

BCGEU members have been instrumental in continuing to deliver the essential services British Columbians count on and your union will continue fighting for the recognition and support you deserve.

In solidarity,

Stephanie Smith
BCGEU president

P.S. - Have you written to your MLA about including all essential front-line workers in the pandemic premium program? If not, click here to send them a message.