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Pandemic pay eligibility for BCGEU members at MCFD - BCGEU

Pandemic pay eligibility for BCGEU members at MCFD
Since the B.C. government's announcement last week, your union has received many questions from administrative support workers in MCFD about their eligibility. While we had hoped the ministry would provide clarification, we haven't seen anything yet.
However, following discussions with the employer, we can now confirm all administrative employees in MCFD's Service Delivery Division will receive the premium. 
This is an unusual circumstance. The BCGEU was consulted about the premium, but this didn't amount to negotiations. Our feedback to government during the consultation was this - the program should be extended to all frontline essential workers and that recognizing some groups of workers while excluding others would create unnecessary divisions.
Our stance hasn't changed. We still believe B.C.'s pandemic pay program should cover all frontline essential workers in recognition of the extraordinary stress, additional costs, and the higher risks to mental and physical health they're presently facing. 
Questions about eligibility for this premium should be directed to your ministry, where the decision was made.
We wanted to ensure administrative staff in this particular division know that they will receive the premium. 
Maria Middlemiss, BCGEU VP administrative services