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Piccadilly and Cerwydden Seniors - Update on bargaining - BCGEU

Bargaining for a renewal of your Collective Agreement commenced Monday January 18, 2021. Starting this process was long overdue. Unfortunately, Covid-19 and a change in employers in 2020 created significant barriers to an earlier start.

You are being represented at the bargaining table by your bargaining committee as well as two representatives from Mountain Lakes Seniors in Nelson who are members of HEU. BCGEU and HEU are negotiating this agreement together with your new employers Pro Vita and WestCana.

This full bargaining committee tabled a comprehensive package of non-monetary items on January 18. The employer also tabled a full package of non-monetary issues. Significant progress was made at the table dealing with these proposals. In the first day of bargaining the parties were able to come to agreement or close to agreement on over 50% of the item tabled.

While your bargaining committee feels some optimism around how bargaining commenced, they are also aware that some contentious issues remain and neither side have tabled their monetary packages.

Your bargaining members are committed to achieving a fair Collective Agreement on your behalf. The current Collective Agreement when compared to others in both the private and public sector remains far behind in many areas, especially when comparing the monetary sections. A fair agreement requires reducing or closing those gaps. Your committee is hopeful that the positive progress made during the first day will continue and the goal of a fair agreement will be achieved.

The parties have agreed to continue bargaining on February 10, 16, March 8, 9, 10 with a possibility of adding February 11 and 12.

Please contact your committee members with any questions or issues you have.

In solidarity,

Rick Bowen – Bargaining Committee Chair
Kathy Caldwell – Bargaining Committee Member
Laurie Johnson – Bargaining Committee Member
Sheila Matthen – Staff Representative, Negotiations

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