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Posted Hours for Regular CHWs for ParaMed - Richmond Group - BCGEU


Regular CHWs have posted hours for their positions. For example, you may have a 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 hour position. While these hours are not guaranteed, the Employer must do everything they can (as listed in Article 15.4) to bring you up to your posted hours. If you are below your posted hours and you believe the Employer could have given you the hours – you must fill out a Step 1 Hours Investigation Form as soon as you are aware.

Attached is a sample form – provided to help you know how to fill out the form. Your stewards are here to help you with this process and can submit the form on your behalf.

This form must be given to the Employer. ALWAYS KEEP A COPY OF THE FORM.

If the Employer does not respond – or – if the matter is not resolved - contact a steward and tell them you want to file a grievance. For steward contact information, call the Union at 604.215.1499.

In solidarity

Fateh Born
Staff Representative

Download as pdf

Download PDF of sample form here.