Posting of completed work schedules and vacation schedules - Protrans - BCGEU

During the work schedule and vacation sign up process, it came to the Union's attention that the Employer was not posting the completed work nor vacation schedules in a manner that they were visible to all employees. Rather, individual schedules are made available for viewing in KRONOS. We advised the Employer that the Union viewed this as a breach of Articles 15.4(f) and 18.2(c). In conversations with the Employer, we understood that the completed schedules would be posted this year. However, we have now learned that not all of these schedules have been posted – specifically, at minimum, the completed vacation schedule for Field.

The Union has been in contact with the Employer on this issue, and as we have been unable to resolve this informally, we have now filed a grievance. We will keep you updated as we learn more.


In solidarity

Megan McKinney

Staff Representative

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