Probation Officers: safety is your first priority

Our union has been advised of a recent, serious assault on a BCGEU member working in community corrections. We are encouraged that the employer notified the union of this incident in a timely manner and we are working collaboratively with them to complete the investigation and provide support to the affected staff.

The BCGEU’s occupational health and safety (OHS) officers will provide whatever assistance is required by the joint OHS committee at the workplace where the assault took place as they conduct their investigation. We are encouraged that the government has responded proactively with a province-wide briefing of all community corrections employees.

Although probation officers sometimes work with high-risk clients, violence is not part of your job.

OHS regulations require a violence risk assessment to be conducted at all workplaces. If the risk or hazard cannot be eliminated, it must be effectively minimized to protect workers. 

Your union considers workplace safety the number one priority. The BCGEU’s OHS officers provide training to build effective OHS committees that make workplaces safer. They are also available to answer any of your workplace health and safety questions. The BCGEU OHS officers can be reached at:

We will keep BCGEU members working in community corrections informed as information becomes available on this recent assault and the measures being taken to prevent future incidents.