Professional Reliance Review Will Protect Workers - BCGEU

The BC government has initiated a review of the professional reliance model in the natural resource sector. Many BCGEU members' day-to-day is shaped by this regulatory model.

The professional reliance model effectively lets the "fox guard the henhouse," leading – in some cases - to the mismanagement of our resources and harm to the environment. Combined with deep staff and funding cuts to responsible ministries and agencies, strong public oversight of our lands has been seriously eroded.

This review gives an important opportunity to fix how the provincial government oversees industry's activities on the land base, so that the environment and the public interest are better protected.

BCGEU is able to confirm that the employer has agreed to extend to members a protection outlined in the BCGEU collective agreement under article 32.13 Disclosure of Information. Specifically, no employee shall be disciplined for bringing forth in good faith an allegation of wrongdoing during the review. 

BCGEU encourages members to take part in the in-house review and speak candidly about your experiences with the professional reliance model. Members have been sharing their concerns with this model for years, and this is a great opportunity to proactively and productively seek to fix issues with the model through constructive dialogue with the review panel.

The online portion of the survey is open until January 19th. If you have not done so already you can do it here: