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Protrans special project employee MOA

The Union has been successful in addressing outstanding issues regarding Station/Faregate Attendants.

The agreement outlines the terms and conditions that apply to ‘Special Project Employees’ and the process the Union and Employer must use in future circumstances.

Highlights of the agreement covering ‘Special Project Employees’ are:

  • Confirms Pay Rates
  • 6% pay in lieu of vacation
  • 13% in lieu of benefits
  • Outlines Recall Rights
  • Outlines Seniority Rights

The agreement is retroactive and covers all impacted regardless of their current employment status. All other provisions of the agreement apply unless stated in the agreement, including Paid Holiday language.

The parties also took this opportunity to establish that with the exception of ‘Special Project Employees’, all other employees are either Regular Full Time or Regular Part Time. This will impact a number of current ‘Temporary Employees’ in traditional classifications.

We are very pleased to have reached this agreement and thank the members for their patience and perseverance.

In solidarity

Richard Tones

Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.