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Protrans BC Operations Ltd - Steward Election Results - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

The Steward Election has ended. Mark Small has been acclaimed as a Shop Steward at Protrans BC Operations Ltd. 

Congratulations to Mark!

The updated list of BCGEU Stewards at Protrans is:

•             Nick Lee
•             Shant Khachadur
•             Jarrett Kustra
•             Lana Vincent
•             Kate Coinner
•             Tarvinder Gidda
•             Stephen Rayson

•             David Barton
•             Andrea Sherman
•             Cindy Kwan
•             Paul La Rosa
•             Kirsten Campbell
•             Mark Small

If you have any questions regarding workplace issues or your collective agreement, please contact one of the Shop Stewards listed above.

In solidarity,

Waheed Taiwo
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here