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Protrans service reductions and employment – COVID-19 update, April 24 - BCGEU

This week your employer provided the union notice that because of COVID-19 related service reductions, Protrans intends to proceed with layoffs. Your union has made its position clear to the employer: they must at bare minimum provide 60 days' notice of layoffs under Section 54 of the Labour Code, and they must meet and attempt in good faith to negotiate an adjustment plan.
While the employer has not yet provided a concrete plan or proposal to the union, please know that you have good language in your collective agreement under Article 13 dealing with layoff process. In addition, the union will be seeking further provisions through the Section 54 Labour Adjustment Process to ensure that the impact on you and your co-workers is minimized, and the best possible deal for you is reached.
We know that this is not welcome news and understand that you will have a lot of questions about details and how this news will impact you. While at this time there are not a lot of answers, other than those provided in the collective agreement, your union will continue to keep you updated throughout this process, and informed when we have information to share. In the meantime, know that your stewards are here to try and help answer your questions.
Wishing that you are all staying well and healthy. 
In solidarity, 
Megan McKinney, 
Staff Representative