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Provincial Officer Safety (COVID-19) Risk Assessment for Component 1 Members - BCGEU

Component 1 Update: May 8, 2020
Provincial Officer Safety (COVID-19) Risk Assessment

We are pleased that the Adult Custody Division (ACD) has adopted most of the recommendations in the Provincial Officer Safety (COVID-19) Risk Assessment (completed by local 104 chair Brandon Cox, local 105 chair Krissie Hayes and BCGEU staff representative Brian Campbell). However, the ACD has failed to implement some key recommendations: including the installation of plexiglas barriers at officer workstations, and limiting the number of inmates officers have to travel with in elevators. These are key concerns for us and we have begun addressing them with WorkSafeBC. Barring a resolution at that level, we will be pursuing these issues with the Minister directly. 
Provincial SO Force Options Training Risk Assessment – Exposure Control Plan
Despite the fact that we did not agree with terms of the Provincial Force Options Training Risk Assessment, the ACD implemented its own Exposure Control Plan for security officer training at Okanagan Correctional Centre this week. We have maintained some oversight over that training, but feel that a number of items need to be added to the ACD's Exposure Control Plan, including: 

  • Whenever possible, force options training should occur outdoors.
  •  ERT members, not recruits, should play the roles of inmates or second staff.
  •  The same training partners should work together for the duration of the training day. 
  •  Union safety representatives appointed by local chairs should have a consultative role in training.

Pandemic Premium

The BCGEU is continuing its fight for a pandemic premium for all essential frontline workers in recognition of their selfless efforts during these difficult times. So far we have not succeeded in this fight, but we will continue to pursue it at all levels, until you receive the fair compensation to which you are entitled.

As first responders, corrections officers and sheriffs work in the same kind of close and dangerous environments as healthcare workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, for the same reasons that frontline healthcare workers such as nurses are receiving a premium for their brave response to the COVID-19 pandemic, so too should corrections officers and sheriffs be fairly compensated for their unwavering willingness to go into work each day and expose themselves, and their families, to the same dangers. Corrections officers and sheriffs are both entitled to receive a pandemic response premium, and the BCGEU will continue to fight for this principle. 

WorkSafeBC Claims

The BCGEU recommends that members file WorkSafeBC claims if they believe they were exposed to COVID-19 at work, are awaiting COVID-19 test results, or were infected with COVID-19 at work. Please be aware WorkSafeBC holds incoming COVID-19 claims for 14 days, or until a worker becomes ill, before adjudicating them.


The BCGEU has ordered cloth masks for Component 1 members. We understand your concerns and we stand in solidarity. The masks will be sent to the jails and court houses for distribution.

Fraser Regional Correctional Center members

Dean Purdy's Message to Members

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In solidarity,

Dean Purdy
Component 1 Chair & BCGEU Vice President