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PSAC Strike Update for Alliance Facility Solutions Inc. members - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

This is a reminder that if you find your workplace being picketed as part of job action for members in the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), DO NOT CROSS. Instead, contact both your manager and your union to inform them that you have encountered a picket line.
On April 19th, CBRE/AFSI sent a message to all employees with the direction that: “If you attend a site with an active picket line and the purpose for your visit is non-emergent, please advise your immediate manager so that next steps in notification can transpire. Employees have the right to not cross a legal picket line.” If you attend a site with an active picket line, “If the purpose of your visit is for essential reasons (fire, life, safety, etc), ask to speak with the Picket Captain in order to gain access to the site.”
You do need to inform your manager if you encounter a picket line, however, your manager should not direct you to cross the picket line.
Only the Labour Relations Board (LRB) can designate work to be “essential”, not your employer or manager. The LRB deems work “essential services” when considered necessary to prevent immediate and serious threats to health, safety and wellness. Your worksite has not been designated by the LRB as an essential service, so please DO NOT cross the picket line.
However, if you are presented with an emergent situation where you are required to cross a picket line to circumvent or react to a critical incident, please do not hesitate to contact the picket captain and explain the situation and the reason you need to cross the picket line. 
Remember, you have the right to refuse to cross a picket line without fear of discipline. This right is stated clearly in your collective agreement.
Article 2.9 states:
“Right to Refuse to Cross Picket Lines All team members covered by this agreement shall have the right to refuse to cross a picket line arising out of a dispute as defined in the Labour Relations Code of British Columbia. Any team member failing to report for duty shall be considered to be absent without pay. Failure to cross a picket line encountered in carrying out the Company's business shall not be considered a violation of this agreement nor shall it be grounds for disciplinary action.”

If you encounter a picket line DO NOT CROSS.

In solidarity,

Stacey Campbell
BCGEU Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here