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Qualification for Municipal Pension Benefits for local 803 & 804 BCGEU Members at Lookout Emergency Aid Society - BCGEU

As you may be aware, the BCGEU has an active grievance contesting that many long-term employees of Lookout Emergency Aid Society may qualify for the Municipal Pension Plan but are not receiving the benefits.
If you are a regular part-time or casual employee who has completed two years of continuous employment and earned more than $19,565 in the past two consecutive years, you may qualify for the Municipal Pension Plan. If you fit the above criteria and are not currently enrolled and would like to be, we would like to hear from you.
Please contact the Union at 604-215-1499 or email to help you figure out if you qualify and to help you enroll.
In solidarity
Sean Antrim
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here