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RainCity Housing & Support Society Overtime Meal Allowance - BCGEU


It recently came to the Union's attention that some members may not be aware that they are eligible for an overtime meal allowance of $7.00 as well as a 30 minute paid meal break when they work a minimum of 2.5 hours of overtime immediately before or following their scheduled hours of work.


Article 16.7 Meal Allowance


An Employee who works two and one-half hours of overtime immediately before or following his/her scheduled hours or work shall receive a meal allowance of seven dollars. One-half hour with pay shall be allowed the employee in order that he/she may take an meal break either at or adjacent to his/her place of work.


a) This clause shall not apply to part-time employees until the requirements of Article 16.9 (Overtime for Part-Time Employees) has been met.

b) In the case of an employee called out on overtime to work on a rest day, this clause will apply only to hours worked outside his/her regular shift times or period of availability for a normal workday.


If you believe you are entitled to the meal allowance when working overtime please ensure you speak with your supervisor to request it. If you have any difficulty with this process please ensure you speak with your worksite steward.


In solidarity


Nicki Pearson

Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here