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Reminder: Vancouver Home Support -Community Health Worker (CHW) Scheduling and Article 15.3 of the New Collective Agreement - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

As you may know, new language has been introduced to your collective agreement regarding your period of availability in your weekly posted hours:
Article 15.3(a)(2) Period of Availability states that “(e)mployees shall be paid no less than their weekly posted hours”. What this means to all Regular Full-Time and Regular Part-Time employees:

  • If you are a Regular CHW, you no longer need to monitor your schedule on a daily basis to check whether or not you have a full schedule each day.
  • Your employer must pay you your full range of hours whether or not you worked those hours.
  • For example, if you are an R35, your bi-weekly paycheque should show 70 hours straight pay even if you only worked 65 hours.

If you find that this is not happening and if you notice you have been paid less than your range, you should contact a steward and set up a Step 1 meeting immediately. It is not your responsibility to remind your employer that you are below your range in any given week, the onus is on them to schedule your hours and pay you regardless of whether those hours were worked.
If you have any issues arising from this article, please contact one of the following stewards:

Mary Ann Arce
Prilita Baruan
Jo Datuin
Jean Desamito
Seyran Enveri
Jean Ke
Florinda Maguire
Editha Menor
Jennifer Newman
Rosemarie Punzalan
Myrna Regan
Irene Tomas
Agnes Uguil
Vivian Waung





In solidarity,
Scott De Long – Vice President, Component 8 Community Health
Masoud Aminzavvar – Local 803 Chairperson
Florinda Maguire – Steward, Vancouver Home Support
Florentina Kelly – Steward, Fraser Health
Nadja Komnenic – Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here