Respect the Picket Line – PEA Job Action - BCGEU

Respect the picket lines! PEA job action at LSS Vancouver Regional Center on Friday, November 1, 2019

Your comrades from the Professional Employees Association (PEA) has served strike notice for the Legal Services Society Vancouver Regional Centre for Friday, November 1 starting at 7:00 am. A rally and media event is planned for 12:00 pm.

Please respect the PEA picket line, and do not cross it. On Friday, instead of reporting to work, you will be expected to report to the union picket line for picket duty.

When you encounter the picket line:

  • Do not cross it. Do not report to work;
  • Instead, find the BCGEU picket captain;
  • Call or email your supervisor and inform them you have encountered the picket line and will not be crossing which is your right under the collective agreement;
  • Ask the picket captain where you can join the striking workers on the picket line;
  • BCGEU will provide picket signs. When you wear one, please make it clear that you are "in support/solidarity", and not "on strike".

The BCGEU Provincial Executive has decided that targeted strike pay will be provided for all BCGEU members impacted by the job action. In exchange for picket duty, you will be receiving wage replacement in the amount of your net pay as indicated on your paystub.

To get the strike pay, please report to the picket captains to sign the picket rosters at the start and end of the day of job action. In addition:

- We need your complete contact details on file. Please fill a union membership card if you have not yet, or if your contact details have changed;

- Complete the picket roster sheet with the picket captain, and sign in and out before and after completing picket duty;

- After the job action, send an email that includes your full name and copies of your last three pay stubs to our membership records department at strike@bcgeu.ca who will be arranging the issuance of strike pay.

Job action can be difficult. However, our strength is the solidarity of working people standing together for what is right, and standing in solidarity with those taking job action.

Finally a reminder: a picket line is a picket line is a picket line. Crossing a picket line is a serious offense for any union member. BCGEU members who cross a picket line are subject to discipline, which can include up to being expelled from the union.

Please direct any further questions to your stewards or bargaining unit chair.

Thank you for standing in solidarity with your PEA comrades on the picket line!

In solidarity

Katie Smith
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here