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Retirement Concepts facilities.

As you may be aware, on November 28, 2016, the Globe and Mail reported that Anbang Insurance Group Co., Ltd., China’s second largest insurer, launched a bid to purchase Canadian-owned and operated Retirement Concepts. Retirement Concepts operates 24 assisted living and residential care facilities in Canada, mostly in B.C.
Questions have been raised about the immediate implications for the 850 BCGEU members who work at nine different Retirement Concepts facilities.
Your union has received a letter from Azim Jamal, President and CEO of Retirement Concepts, confirming that “there will be no change in staffing levels, funding, quality of care or existing policies and procedures.” We are ensuring that your jobs are safeguarded and that the process will be completed fairly and in the best interests of BCGEU members.
Also, to ensure a fair process, your union has sent letters to the ministers and opposition critics responsible, as well as Industry Canada, sharing our concerns. In those letters, we’ve also requested an extension of the review process to allow the public time to prepare and participate in the process.

Sherry Ogasawara Vice-President, Health Services (Component 4)
Salli Rye, 2nd Representative, Health Services (Component 4)