Retroactive payments for wage increases for We Care Home Health Services - BCGEU

As per the ratification agreement, We Care has issued retroactive payments in relation to negotiated wage increases. The employer has based their retro payments on actual hours worked, but did not factor in the following hours to the payment: 

  • statutory holidays worked;
  • statutory days earned; and
  • vacation pay

It is the union's position that retro pay should include all hours as above for calculating the payments. Therefore, we have filed a grievance on behalf of all BCGEU We Care members and we will continue to seek full reimbursement of this pay through the grievance process.

If you have not received any retro pay and have not yet advised the union or We Care, please contact your steward and advise your Human Resources manager, Sara Colliss to report your missing payment.

In solidarity

Anthony Davies

Staff Representative

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