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Returning to work after job action - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

To all BCGEU members employed by the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch who have been in strike action:

Your solidarity on the picket lines these last few weeks succeeded in getting the employer to invite us back to the table and working towards a tentative agreement. As an act of good faith we agreed to end our strike action while negotiations continue. Please note that the media and communications blackout that has been in place since we returned to the table last Thursday will remain in place until further notice. 

Now that picket lines are down, we wish to explain what's next for you.

When can I return to work?
As of 6:30 am tomorrow (August 31), business resumes as usual at the Delta Distribution Centre, Kamloops Distribution Centre, Richmond Distribution Centre and Wholesale Customers Centres in Vancouver and Victoria.

This means you are to work any pre-scheduled shift or regular schedule that begins as early as 6:30 am tomorrow. No shifts pre-scheduled for today (including the graveyard shifts) will be worked.

For auxiliaries: If you were pre-scheduled for a shift tomorrow, you are to work that shift. For those without pre-scheduled shifts tomorrow, the employer will reach out to you today about work tomorrow.

Note: The employer has indicated that, should you miss a scheduling phone call from your manager, you will not be penalized. If you missed a scheduling phone call and wish to work tomorrow, please contact your employer as they have indicated they are making every effort to schedule workers.

For those with remote work arrangements: You are to follow your normal work schedule. E.g., if you are scheduled to be in the office tomorrow, please go to the office. If you are scheduled to work remotely, please work remotely.

I was scheduled for a picket shift today that didn't happen. Will I get paid?

All members who have been on strike during this public service job action will be paid strike pay for their picket shift today, regardless if that shift was scheduled for before or after the lines came down today.

To ensure you are paid, your picket captains will complete their rosters so that everyone who was scheduled for picket shifts today (including graveyard shifts that would have covered tonight) will be paid picket pay regardless of whether that shift was schedule for before or after the lines came down.

If you have any further questions or concerns, contact your local steward, elected representative, or respond to this email.

In solidarity,

Your BCGEU Public Service Bargaining Committee

Stephanie Smith, President
Paul Finch, Treasurer
Judy Phipps, Executive Vice President
Dean Purdy, Vice President - Component 1
Kusam Doal, Vice President - Component 5
Judy Fox-McGuire, Vice President - Component 6
Kayla Woodruff, Member at Large - Component 6
Maria Middlemiss, Vice President - Component 12
Matt Damario, Component 12
Robert Davis, Vice President - Component 20
Michael Eso, Secretary and Lead Negotiator
Lisa Lane, Support Staff