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REVISED BC Family Maintenance Agency Ltd. (BCFMA) Meeting Notice - BCGEU

In response to members' concerns, we have changed the start time of Friday's meeting. 


Date: Friday, June 19, 2020
Time: 3:30pm to 5:30pm
How: Microsoft Teams Meeting
Check your email or ask a member of your bargaining committee for details 

BCFMA has agreed to release members at 3:00pm to attend without loss of pay. If you are working in the office that day you have the following two options for participation:

  1. Leave the worksite at 3pm and travel home or wherever you intend to be for the meeting at 3:30pm; or
  2. Participate from the office. However, you would have to leave your respective office at closing time (~4:45pm) which is prior to the end of the meeting. 

BCFMA has advised it will not consider special individual arrangements to facilitate meeting participation. 

If you are new to using Microsoft Teams meetings, we encourage you to learn more about Teams well in advance. If you access the meeting online, you will have the option of seeing whoever is speaking (if they have a webcam enabled) and likewise the option of being seen. Online access also includes an audio-only option. If your computer is not equipped with a webcam, speakers and microphone or if you have difficultly joining the meeting online, the phone-in option may be best.


In solidarity, 

Steve Kitcher, Bargaining Committee Chair
Debra Calder, Bargaining Committee Member
Brenda McIntyre, Bargaining Committee Member
Ryan Stewart, Staff Representative, Negotiations

Download Revised Bargaining Meeting 20June18 Website_.pdf