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SafeCare BC announces a new policy template for violence prevention in continuing care

Last week, employers and BCGEU Component 4 members working in continuing care were introduced to a new tool for helping to prevent violence in the workplace. SafeCare BC published a resource for worksites that either don't have a violence prevention policy or would like to improve on what they have. 

You can find an explanation and a link to the full policy by clicking here: We encourage members to bring this template to the attention of their Joint Occupational Health and Safety (JOHS) committees, and discuss ways of implementing it in their worksite. It's also a valuable tool for workers, as a refresher on everyday roles and responsibilities. 

This resource was made possible in part because of the work BCGEU activists do directly with SafeCare BC. Our executive Vice President Mike Nuyens and member Philip LeVesconte sit on the Board of Directors for the association, and Wendy Mah, our Occupational Health and Safety Officer, sits on the Technical Advisory Committee. 

We have put a lot of work into producing this template, with the hope that the use of the strategies and procedures outlined in it will help reduce workplace violence in the continuing care sector for our component 4 members.

SafeCare BC is a non-profit, industry funded association with a mandate to ensure safe and healthy working conditions among non-profit and private employers in British Columbia’s continuing care sector. In the BCGEU, this association applies to our long term care facilities that do not fall under the direct public health authorities.

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) assists SafeCare BC by providing sector input, expertise and knowledge into the development of SafeCare BC’s resources and initiatives. The TAC membership consists of half labour representatives and half employer representatives. 

Download PDF of notice here.